Training Manager – Ian Stevenson.
Ian has been working with Front Row Storage Limited since 2006. Ian brings a wealth of experience to the business having been a Forklift Instructor since 2003, working across the industry delivering first class training.

“I am passionate about delivering the highest quality training and believe that here at Front Row Storage we deliver. Our training centre is fully equipped with all facilities needed to undertake forklift training and we have an excellent success rate with getting unemployed trainees back into employment.”

Senior Instructor – Shaine Rogers.
Shaine has been employed by Front Row Storage Limited since 2007. Having first arrived at Front Row to attend a forklift truck training course, Shaine is one of the many success stories, having gone on to become a fully qualified Instructor employed directly by Front Row Storage Limited.

“When I came to Front Row I was unemployed and eager to get back into work. Front Row gave me the training and confidence needed to gain my operator licences and then to go on to complete my Instructor qualification. There are no pretences here at Front Row, we are friendly, hard working, and passionate about the training we deliver. It means alot to me to be able to deliver the same training I received and give others back their sense of self-worth.”

Director – Liam Wordley.
Liam started Front Row Storage Limited in 2002, primarily as a storage company. However, it has evolved into a first class training centre whilst keeping the storage/warehousing business operative. This makes the business unique in that it offers the chance to train to be a forklift operator in a fully operational warehousing environment.

“Front Row Storage has evolved due to a unique combination of people and location. Through a complete understanding of trainees and instructors we are fast becoming the training provider of choice with an exceptional success rate in delivering the highest quality forklift training.”


“Excellent tuition throughout my course” MK 2013

“The Course is planned and executed very well. The Course does exactly what it sets out to do” AJH 2013

“Made welcome at all times, training facilities were excellent.” PP 2012

“Thank you for all of your help” HJ 2012

“Would reccomend the course and facilities to anybody” RH 2012

“Training staff very helpful and understanding, a credit to the company.” SW 2011

“Great trainers and facilities. Keep up the good work!” 2010